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1/24 MICRO-TEK CONVERSION, for the Micro Truggy/SCTE/Rally

1/24 MICRO-TEK CONVERSION, for the Micro Truggy/SCTE/Rally
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Product Description

Our new 1/8th scale inspired alloy chassis conversion for the Losi 1/24 Micro Truggy/SCTE/Rally.

The all alloy construction provides increased grip, even more than our previous carbon fiber chassis did, but the ultra low center of gravity design help keep all 4 wheels on the ground.

The 1 piece chassis design eliminates the need for extra hardware that could strip and now makes assembly even easier.

100% machined alloy bottom plate is stiffer and stronger and is polished and anodized in your choice of gun metal, red or blue.

Chassis features includes;

- Adjustable sliding motor plate- makes motor mounting and gear mesh simple and secure.

- Finned alloy motor plate- this in combination with the alloy chassis insures a cool running motor.

- Extra secure servo clamp in system for the stock sized servo, uses larger m3 set screws and easy to buy 1.5mm hex wrench.

- Alloy mounting posts for secure stock receiver/esc mounting. The position is lowered and placed at the rear for improved handling.

- Machined in chassis battery 'tray' for easy and secure battery installs. Use servo tape or hook and loop (not included) to attach your battery.

- Extra heavy duty alloy chassis- does not require a top plate or additional bracing.

- Perfectly weighted for plush stock suspension damping and settings.

- Compatible with our optional #1371 Pinion Gear Cover.

- New lower price compared to our previous version chassis!


Losi 1/24 Micro Truggy/SCTE/Rally and servo tape is required.



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Product Reviews

  1. need to make more. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th Jan 2020

    Only bad part is theres no more.

  2. Awesome! 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 15th Jul 2016

    Overall, the chassis is great. I have had minor issues withe a few aftermarket parts.

    1.This is the more important issue of the two. The motor mount assembly does not allow for the use of a 56T or 57T spur gear. Since Exotek does not offer up these upgrades, I cannot fault them too much. That being said, this should have been taking into account during the design process.

    2. This one is more or less my fault so it will not count against them, this is just a heads up if to future customers. The design of the servo mount does not easily accept other servos of that size. I only bring this up because other chassis will allow other servos to be easily mounted to them. All this being said, I rigged it up and it works phenomenally. Full disclosure, this may have just been because of the servo I used. I'm sure if you match dimensions, it will work.

    The only other complaint I have with it is the battery tray. There are small slots for a Velcro strap to fit in but this isn't the ideal set up. A much better design would have been two posts on either vertical side of the battery and an o-ring type of elastic holding it down. Because of the way the battery slides underneath the board, you don't have the best clearance with the Velcro up against the board and the center drive shaft. However just like the other two issues, mine works great.

    Lastly, and this just an after thought really, having to shave off the back portion of the upper chassis mount off the stock chassis is kind of cheesy, but it works. I understand they wanted to remove the top bar mount but providing an alternative to what you currently have to do would be nice. Of course this could drive the price up so it's no big deal.

    All in all I am loving my chassis. After I got it all setup, I have had no problems and I am setting excellent lap times around my local track. I would absolutely recommend this to a friend.